Sunday, March 10, 2013

Environmentally Friendly Ways to Fight Fleas

Spring is in the air and that means pretty soon, dog owners will once again have the joy of dealing with fleas on their dogs. Although commercial flea products usually work well and take little effort to use, most of them are not very friendly for the environment. The excessive use of those chemicals in your home can also be dangerous to your family's health as well as to your dog. There are many natural ways to deal with fleas that are equally as effective as commercial products does require some extra time and effort on the part of the dog owner.

Check out this article on how to make a homemade flea collar using lemon juice. The article also contains information about the chemicals used in commercial flea collars. Spraying my dogs and home with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as well as frequent cleaning is the most effective way I have found to keep my home free of fleas. Since I live in a rural area and have two dogs, I feel like I am constantly battling to keep the fleas out of my house. Fortunately, I have very little carpeting in my home and I have a junk tub in my basement I can use to rinse and bathe my dogs frequently. If you truly want to fight fleas naturally and without chemicals you need to put time aside every day, but in the end I truly think it is time well spent to keep pets, people and the environment healthy!

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