Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Preparing for a Dog Walk or Race

In a few weeks we will be taking our black lab mix to a dog walk in Pittsburgh. I am excited to try something like this for the first time. Before signing up for this event, there were a few things I took into consideration:

  • How well does my dog walk on a lease?
  • How will I clean up after my dog all day long?
  • How well does my dog get along with strange dogs she doesn't know?
  • How well does my dog get along with people she doesn't know?
  • Is my dog up to date on all her shots?
  • How far can my dog walk without taking a break or getting worn out?
  • How will I give my dog water during the day?
  • How will my dog do in the long car ride to get to and from the event?
  • How well does my dog do with large crowds?
Preparing for a dog walk or race needs to start happening at least a month in advance. The walk my dog will be doing is fairly short and simple. My dog goes on long walks and up to two mile runs with me at least once a week, so she is physically prepared for this simple walk. My dog loves people and is good with other dogs, but I am still going to take her to some soccer games the next few weekends to get her around other dogs and people before this event. If you have a dog park or dog play groups in your area that might be something to look into doing before a dog walk or race. 

Not all dogs will do well at a dog walk or race, so you definitely should think ahead and try some things out before making a decision. Our other dog, Charlie, is very friendly and gets along well with people and kids, but not always with other dogs. He is also very protective of our black lab, Sophie. We decided to have someone dog sit him for the day instead of taking him with to participate on this walk. Charlie is only two years old, so as he gets older and maybe shows signs of getting along better with other dogs, we will take him to a dog walk, but for now, we feel better about just taking Sophie on this adventure.

I will be using eco-friendly dog waste bags and my new upcycled dog treat and waste bag holder on the day of the walk. I also plan to order some type of travel water bowl. I like the look and size of the Popware bowl. The Popware bowl is BPA free and reusable, so it is a more eco-friendly option than some other things, but I think it would still take a really long time to decompose in the landfill when it does get thrown away, so it is a better option than other things, but maybe not the BEST option. The best option might be from Olive, it is a reusable and recyclable and BPA free water bottle bowl in one. I have to think a bit on which one I will actually end up buying, but I am glad there are great (and reasonably priced) products out there for those dog owners, like myself, that want to have a greener lifestyle for our pets. 

Be sure to check back to see pictures of the walk and hear how it went!


  1. UPDATE: after the Boston bombing, what we can and can't take to the Pittsburgh event is very we decided to take a clear water bottle and upcycle a clear plastic container to pour the water into for our dog to get a drink of water. I am really hoping she does well waiting in the car while we get all our packets and stuff.

  2. The dog walk went well and Alyssa and Sophie ran the whole 1/2 mile course and came across the finish line first! I plan to rate the whole event on how eco-friendly I think it was, so check back later this week for that blog post. Also, I got a new puppy....will be posting pics soon :)

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