Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Environmentally Friendly Flea Control

In many areas of the United States, flea season has been moving into full swing. When it comes to environmentally friendly flea control, prevention is the best place to start. Fleas can be prevented by making and using a homemade flea collar with lemon juice and spraying your dog's fur with lemon juice. Fleas hate citrus!

Another method that many eco-friendly dog owners use to combat fleas is to make homemade Brewer's yeast and garlic dog treats which can help prevent fleas from nesting on your dog's skin. Unfortunately, many people don't keep up with preventative measures and by the time they find a flea, there is a major outbreak on their dog and throughout their home. This often leads people to buy dangerous chemicals instead of using environmentally friendly flea control. Not only are commercial flea killers and preventatives  dangerous for your dog's skin, they are also dangerous for the environment. By throwing away containers or rinsing things down the sink, those toxic chemicals are working their way into our soil and water supply. The good news is that even if you have a flea outbreak, if you are willing to spend the time, you can get rid of fleas without any chemicals at all.

Environmentally friendly flea control means using earth-friendly items like: flea combs, mild soapy water, Borax, lemon juice, and salt. Salt and Borax sprinkled around floor trim and on carpets will kill the fleas by absorbing the water in them and drying them out until they die. Not a great way for them to die, but easy enough for you to vacuum up and dispose of!By frequently combing and bathing your dog with mild soapy water, you can kill fleas, eggs, and everything in between. After a thorough combing and bathing, be sure to finish things off with fresh lemon juice.

I have three dogs, live on five acres of woods and grass, and have been fighting fleas naturally for over three years now. These methods work, if you are consistent and put the time into it.  For more information, read this article: How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog Without Chemicals.

Finally, I warn against buying products at the store that are labeled as Earth-friendly or Eco-friendly flea products. Always read the labels and do your research. Some products start with plant-based ingredients and are modified with man-made chemicals. Other products only list some of the ingredients and then say "99% natural ingredients"....if those 'natural' ingredients aren't listed, I wouldn't trust it!


  1. I've always used brewers yeast in my dogs food everyday all throughout the year and they've never had a flea.

  2. Neem oil is a natural product, which is effective for controlling flea. It is being a natural product is not toxic. So, any one can use it safely for protecting their pets form flea. bedlam spray is also a very good product used for controlling flea. I like it and also depend on it.

    1. Great suggestions. Fleas are definitely something you always have to deal with and it is great to have so many natural options!

    2. Thanks for the tips, Chrissie!

      Just a note that "natural" doesn't necessarily mean "non-toxic", especially when it comes to herbs and their oils. You have to know exactly what you're doing because they're still drugs and may not be suitable for *all* pets. I'm supportive of Eco-friendly methods; it's just that caution is needed with many natural remedies too.

      Natural examples; some types of mushroom are good to eat, but others would be toxic if consumed. Some medicinal herbs can only be applied externally, but are poison if taken internally.

      Dogs seem to be able to handle more than cats, who I just learnt are very sensitive to flea treatment products - using a treatment designed for dogs on a cat can kill it.

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