Friday, June 28, 2013

Featured Fridays- Cycle Dog

I've decided to start featuring a new eco-friendly company or product every Friday. These weekly post will be called "Featured Fridays" and if you know of an environmentally friendly company or product that should be featured, send me an e-mail or message me through social media.

Photo of Lanette Fidrych and her dogs- Provided by Cycle Dog
and used by permission 
For the very first Featured Friday, I have chosen the company, Cycle Dog, and their unique dog collars that are made from old bike tubes. I found them by accident one day while surfing the web and contacted them to see if I could interview the founder, Lanette Fidrych. Lanette is truly passionate about the environment, and when she started collecting old bike tubes in her basement, to avoid sending them off the the landfill, she had no idea that one day she would be running a successful business with those old tubes. 

Today, her company, Cycle Dog, creates a variety of eco-friendly products and continues to lead the pack when it comes to running a green company. Check out the complete interview to learn more about Cycle Dog and their eco-friendly pet products! 


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