Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to Find a Good Dog Sitter While You Are on Vacation

Preparing for vacation can be stressful, and as someone who strive to be eco-conscious in all aspects of their life, I can say packing for a week at a beach house has not been easy. I am taking my own homemade sauces, mixtures, homemade laundry detergent; and then there are the reusable cups and picnic plates, and the list just goes on and on. After I get all my stuff packed, I have to get the dogs ready for a week without us, which means finding someone to dog sit. We travel a quite a bit, so finding someone to come to our home and keep our dogs in their natural habitat is important to me. Here are some things I look for when finding a friend or service to take care of my furry babies.
  • Does the person like dogs or own dogs?
  • Can the person meet with my pets for a little before I leave?
  • Will the person be staying at my house all week or just coming a few times a day?
  • If coming and going-How close does the person live to my house and how often will they be checking on them?
  • Is the person willing to keep me updated on how things are going throughout the week?
  • How will the person get in and out of my house?
Here are some important things to tell your pet sitter before you leave for vacation:
  1. The times your dog eats, the amount to feed him, and where the food is stored.
  2. Your veterinarian information.
  3. Directions on giving any medications or supplements.
  4. How often your dog can have treats and where the treats are located.
  5. The basic commands your dog knows and how to use them. For example, 'out' means to go outside, 'in' when crating him, etc...
  6. Phone numbers you can be reached at and hotel information for where you will be staying.
  7. How to turn on and off inside and outside lights.
  8. Where the clean up supplies are located and where to put garbage during the week. (Accidents are always a possibility). 
Now comes the fun part...keeping up the GREEN routine. Here are some things that I do and expect my pet sitter to do to keep my dogs' carbon pawprints reduced:
  • Use the natural cleaning supplies I leave for cleaning up. I leave baking soda, vinegar and rags.
  • Only feed my dogs the food and treats that I leave for them. I make homemade treats or have carrot sticks for them as treats.
  • Deal with their waste properly. We live on five acres of land, so my dogs go in the yard and it stays there, but some people may have to have their dogs walked and should leave eco-friendly disposal bags or clear directions on how to dispose of or bury the waste.
  • Apply all natural flea repellent, if needed. I soak their collars in lemon juice and spray their bedding and fur with lemon juice to repel fleas. If the fleas are bad outside, then I might have the sitter do this once during the week. I do bathe my dogs before I leave and as soon as I return, so I have never come home to a flea infestation.
What other things do you do to prepare your dog sitter and dog? Leave comments below!


  1. We had a dog sitter for a few weeks with our two dogs a few years ago! They were our next door neighbors and they also had a dog that's in love with our Jack Russel, Brownie. They were really helpful when we needed a dog sitter! Plus, you give some awesome tips that I'm definitely going to keep in mind when I get my own place and own a few dogs myself :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by KDUBARRY03. I always feel like I can relax more while I am on vacation if I know my dogs are having fun too.