Friday, July 26, 2013

Featured Fridays- The Fifth Paw

Used By Permission from The Fifth Paw
Anyone that takes their dog on a walk knows how annoying it can be to deal other things you need to carry, like car keys, poop bags, and treats. That is where The Fifth Paw comes in! Owner, Stephen Longo, created the device to help keep these items attached and untangled on your dog's leash. 
The product is made in the USA and can be ordered on Amazon or found at local pet stores. It works with almost any leash out there.

Here is what Stephen had to say about his product:
"Walking the dog can be a really great bonding experience. Exploring the neighborhood with my Great Dane Caesar, (and later Chloe), I met lots of great people and had loads of time to think as my dogs enjoyed themselves. What I realized from walking them everyday, sometimes twice a day, was the one thing I hated most about dog walking. It's not picking up after them, it's carrying it around till we got home, juggling it from hand to hand whenever I needed to swap hands on the leash. Not only was it a drag, but also made for unsafe walks due to not being in total control of the leash. With all the distractions out there like traffic, strange dogs, rabbits, squirrels  all tempting our dogs to yank on the leash it becomes all the more vital to be in control of the leash. Now add cell phones and winter gloves to the mix. Stuffing a full bag of poop in my pocket or some pouch wasn't the solution, (too many trips to the laundromat). One day, while walking Caesar, it just clicked in my mind. So I created The Fifth Paw to be a streamlined, clean, easy to use solution to this common problem facing dog walkers. It holds multiple bags, stays clean and tangle free and can hold bag dispensers, a bag of treats & even your house keys if you're out for a jog."

After learning more about the The Fifth Paw, I can agree it is eco-friendly for a few reasons. First, it will last for a long time and through a variety of dogs and leashes. Second, you can use biodegradable poop bags or washable reusable poop bags with it, which allows you to dispose of the dog poop in eco-friendly ways when you get home. Finally, it works well with a variety of leashes so it can be paired up with an eco-friendly dog leash. Check out the video below to see how The Fifth Paw works.

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