Friday, July 19, 2013

Featured Fridays- Hanks Dog Stuff

 Lesley Hardan didn't like seeing hikers leave plastic bags filled with dog poop along hiking trails, but as a dog owner herself, she knew how annoying it was to hike and walk with a plastic bag full of poop, so she invented the one of a kind 'Poop Transporter'. 
Lesley recently launched her company, Hanks Dog Stuff, and her first product (the poop transporter) is eco-friendly in many ways. It helps people pick-up after their pets, and dispose of it properly, because it is very simple to use, and you won't touch, see, or smell the poop. The product is designed to last for your dog's lifetime which means it won't be going to a landfill anytime soon!

Here's how it works:
1.  Push toggle which springs open top of bag.
2.  Drop in plastic bag full of poop.
3.  Cinch up tight and off you go.
4.  When you are ready to dump out contents - simply grab the handle on the bottom of the bag, push the toggle again and dump!

Lesley is also passionate about making her product in the United States. It was created in Palo Alto, California and is made in a small sew shop in San Francisco. Interestingly, Palo Alto and San Francisco are both very dog friendly.  Many restaurants offer outdoor seating with your dog, dog treats, and water. Both areas also have many pet-friendly hotels.

Lesley's dog, Hank, is a large yellow lab that weighs about 110 pounds. She got him when he was 8 weeks old and he has been going to work with her, (at her other job),  every day for 9 years.  He follows her everywhere and he can sneeze on command; so he's a pretty awesome companion!

When talking about her company and products, Lesley said, "I am creating one product at a time, based on my life and travels with Hank.  They are simple solutions to everyday issues all dog owners have. Love your dog, love your planet!"

Here at Pupcycled.....we totally agree that loving your pet and loving the planet can go hand in hand. For more information about the poop transporter (or other new products), visit


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