Friday, July 5, 2013

Featured Fridays- Sophie's Fancy Pet Apparel

This week we are featuring someone who 'upcycles' various things to make dog collars and other accessories. Sophie's Fancy Pet Apparel is owned and operated by Stacey Le Jeune. After adopting a Jack Russell Terrier last year, Stacey wanted to have unique collars and outfits to put on her dog, Cricket. When she couldn't find anything she liked at the store, she used an old tie to make a one of a kind collar for Cricket. Since then, Stacey has had to get a new sewing machine and start turning her hobby into a business, because everyone loves the unique collars and accessories that she has made for Cricket. Her unique and truly upcycled creations can be found on her blog and Facebook page. Below is a little bit about Stacey and her business in her own words:
"I think it important to reuse things we already have. The stuff I made for Cricket was from stuff I already had. I approached local thrift stores and they eagerly donated stuff to me. I use bookbags, ties and belts to make things like collars and also a doggy backpack. (I make some of the best collars from the ugliest ties). I have even made collars from old sweaters and doggy sweaters from sweaters too. I think we waste so much stuff in our lives -we think it all has to be new. Well, what can you make out of something old? I even reuse the clips from old bookbags as the clips for my collars   
I made a backpack for dogs in memory of my old dog Angus who died at Christmas. He was a three legged dog who was aggressive towards other dogs. We learned from Ceasar's Show 'The Dog Whisperer' that a back pack helped with aggression. We put one on Angus and he was a totally different dog. He was so proud!!!! I made a pack from a donated damaged bag, for dogs, in memory of him. 
All my items are unique and one of a kind and 10% of profits at the end of the year go to the Labrador Rescue of Nova Scotia.

Be Sure to LIKE her Facebook page and share it with other dog lovers! You can contact Stacey through the Facebook page if you are interested in purchasing one of her unique products OR if you have items to donate to be upcycled into beautiful pet apparel.


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