Friday, July 12, 2013

Featured Fridays-TopDogDinners

Winston and Bruno-Used by permission of Peter Pfisterer
Some companies are created from a bright idea or by mistake, in the case of TopDogDinners, it was a tragedy that led Peter Pfisterer to start his business of all-natural customized dog dinners. When his boxer, Bruno, died from poisoned dog food, Peter didn't want any other dog owner to feel the horrible loss that he did. In 2012, TopDogDinners launched and started delivering fresh, customized dog dinners, three times a week, to dogs all over New York City. Together Peter and his English Bulldog, Winston, continue to educate others about the loss of their buddy Bruno, and the possible dangers of feeding your dog traditional bagged food.

With traditional dog food recalls happening every week, Peter says that his customers love not being fearful about what they are feeding their dog. They also report improved energy levels, more beautiful coat, and even better breath. Every dinner is specifically customized to a dog and their individual needs using 25-30 natural ingredients. Although TopDogDinners is a green company in some ways, it is still looking to reduce its carbon pawprint a little more each year. Peter would eventually like to see all his delivery vehicles be eco-friendly and is taking little steps, as his company grows, to reduce his environmental impact.

Peter feels blessed to have a job that he enjoys and one that helps other people and their pets. He noted that, "Every dog is different, so the required food is different…and yes, my food is pricey but less expensive than our own food. It gets less expensive if you take into the consideration the cost of vets visits that so called "food" in the bag or the can will result in. Besides …do you really put the price on your friend’s life or health?!I DO NOT! NOT ANY MORE!"

If you live in the NYC area, you can check out TopDogDinners website to order a customized meal for your dog. If you live in another large city, feel free to contact Peter Pfisterer about possible franchise opportunities; he has hopes to expand into 15 major cities in the future!


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