Friday, August 16, 2013

Featured Fridays-AiKiou
Today's featured products are interactive pet feeders made by Aikou (pronounced IQ). Veterinarian technician, Kathleen Desrosiers, created the feeders after adopting a Labrador Retriever who was getting bored at home. Not only did the interactive feeder keep him busy, it also helped with food digestion. The husband/wife duo decided to debut it to the mass market in 2009. In 2011, another family member invented the Stimulo, which has gone on to win awards and be featured in commercials.

The Canadian-based company started taking steps to be more eco-friendly in 2012. They had to redesign all of the products, and although it was a nightmare, it actually became fun for the owners to really examine every part of the product design, manufacturing, and delivery. They lowered the amount of plastic used in their products and reduced the size to save fuel when delivering the products. The packaging was also changed to a more eco-friendly material and the use of paint was eliminated. Not only did the elimination of paint help the environment, it is also healthier for the pets that use the products. Much of the feeder is also recyclable plastic, so all their hard work and effort has earned them a spotlight here on Pupcycled!

For more information about Aikou's interactive pet feeders and where to buy them, visit their website.

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