Friday, August 9, 2013

Featured Fridays- Planet Dog Foundation

This week I am doing things a little differently with Featured Friday. I am focusing on a Foundation versus a specific product, and for a good reason. The Planet Dog Foundation recently hit a milestone worth recognizing, it has given away a million dollars!!!!Since 2006, PDF, has been giving away cash grants to various non-profit organizations that help support dogs that are helping people. From seeing eye dogs, to medical alert dogs, to PTSD therapy dogs, PDF is helping make a difference in the lives of dogs and people. The foundation hopes to continue to give away more and more cash grants every grant season.
The Planet Dog Foundation has many products and one product in particular, the glow for good ball, helped increase grant funds. Even during hard economic times, the foundation continues to grow and help more and more people. On top of helping people, PDF, is helping the environment as well. They have leashes made from hemp and 100% cotton dog toys. Their products are eco-friendly and at least 2% of the sales go back to the Foundation to be given as cash grants. Check out the video to see more of their products in action. You can find many of their products for sale on Amazon, including their completely recyclable Glow Ball.

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