Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Homemade Dog Toys

Check out this article I wrote on Homemade Dog Toys. My dogs just loved the homemade toy filled with treats. I have decided I will be replacing raw hides with this inexpensive eco-friendly idea. I would love to really get creative with sewing dog toys, the problem is I have two medium sized dogs that love to chew and destroy things, so the rope toy and treat filled toy are easy enough to make and won't get me upset if they are ripped to pieces, however if I spent an hour sewing together a cute dog bone shaped toy, I would likely cry if they destroyed it. I think what I will try this week is making a dog bone shaped toy with a rope braid coming out of each end. That may last longer than just a toy. I have some more old jeans that I could use for the dog bone and braid....hmmmm......check back in a week to see how I made out!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Projects to Reuse Dog Food Bags

Okay, I think before this year is over I may break down and buy a sewing machine so I can make these adorable dog food bag totes. I found a lot of tutorials online and I really like this idea on Garden of Eden blog. She recommends using the dog food bags to create a tote to carry vegetables from your garden to your house.
Being that I don't sew, don't own a sewing machine, and pretty much remember that when I did sew (back in middle school) the results were not good!   I would say if I get brave enough to try out sewing, this might be a good first project.
This YouTube video I found makes it look easy, just like the shows I watch on HGTV where they make it look like it only take 40 minutes to redo an entire room. If you have no sense of adventure, maybe you could send your bags to a crafter that makes them since I also noticed people selling these on Etsy. Whether you buy one of Etsy or make one yourself, it is a great way to keep dog food bags out of the landfills for many many years. Although I don't feel ready to take on this project right now, I am saving my dog food bags and thinking about different projects I can use them for. If I do make a dog food bag tote, I will surely post it! Anyone else have ideas on ways to PUPCYCLE dog food bags?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recycle Old Jeans Into Dog Rope Toy

Step #1-Start with a worn out old pair of jeans

Step #2- Cut jeans into large pieces

Step #3- Take large pieces and cut almost to the bottom and then move over  an inch and cut up the other way so that you are creating long strips of fabric

Here you can see half of a jean leg
 becomes a long strip of fabric
By not cutting all the way you can create long strips

Step #4-Take three strips and knot them together
Step #5- Braid the strips tightly

Step #6-Knot of every foot or so to help reinforce the rope

Finished rope tied off at both ends