Friday, July 26, 2013

Featured Fridays- The Fifth Paw

Used By Permission from The Fifth Paw
Anyone that takes their dog on a walk knows how annoying it can be to deal other things you need to carry, like car keys, poop bags, and treats. That is where The Fifth Paw comes in! Owner, Stephen Longo, created the device to help keep these items attached and untangled on your dog's leash. 
The product is made in the USA and can be ordered on Amazon or found at local pet stores. It works with almost any leash out there.

Here is what Stephen had to say about his product:
"Walking the dog can be a really great bonding experience. Exploring the neighborhood with my Great Dane Caesar, (and later Chloe), I met lots of great people and had loads of time to think as my dogs enjoyed themselves. What I realized from walking them everyday, sometimes twice a day, was the one thing I hated most about dog walking. It's not picking up after them, it's carrying it around till we got home, juggling it from hand to hand whenever I needed to swap hands on the leash. Not only was it a drag, but also made for unsafe walks due to not being in total control of the leash. With all the distractions out there like traffic, strange dogs, rabbits, squirrels  all tempting our dogs to yank on the leash it becomes all the more vital to be in control of the leash. Now add cell phones and winter gloves to the mix. Stuffing a full bag of poop in my pocket or some pouch wasn't the solution, (too many trips to the laundromat). One day, while walking Caesar, it just clicked in my mind. So I created The Fifth Paw to be a streamlined, clean, easy to use solution to this common problem facing dog walkers. It holds multiple bags, stays clean and tangle free and can hold bag dispensers, a bag of treats & even your house keys if you're out for a jog."

After learning more about the The Fifth Paw, I can agree it is eco-friendly for a few reasons. First, it will last for a long time and through a variety of dogs and leashes. Second, you can use biodegradable poop bags or washable reusable poop bags with it, which allows you to dispose of the dog poop in eco-friendly ways when you get home. Finally, it works well with a variety of leashes so it can be paired up with an eco-friendly dog leash. Check out the video below to see how The Fifth Paw works.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Featured Fridays- Hanks Dog Stuff

 Lesley Hardan didn't like seeing hikers leave plastic bags filled with dog poop along hiking trails, but as a dog owner herself, she knew how annoying it was to hike and walk with a plastic bag full of poop, so she invented the one of a kind 'Poop Transporter'. 
Lesley recently launched her company, Hanks Dog Stuff, and her first product (the poop transporter) is eco-friendly in many ways. It helps people pick-up after their pets, and dispose of it properly, because it is very simple to use, and you won't touch, see, or smell the poop. The product is designed to last for your dog's lifetime which means it won't be going to a landfill anytime soon!

Here's how it works:
1.  Push toggle which springs open top of bag.
2.  Drop in plastic bag full of poop.
3.  Cinch up tight and off you go.
4.  When you are ready to dump out contents - simply grab the handle on the bottom of the bag, push the toggle again and dump!

Lesley is also passionate about making her product in the United States. It was created in Palo Alto, California and is made in a small sew shop in San Francisco. Interestingly, Palo Alto and San Francisco are both very dog friendly.  Many restaurants offer outdoor seating with your dog, dog treats, and water. Both areas also have many pet-friendly hotels.

Lesley's dog, Hank, is a large yellow lab that weighs about 110 pounds. She got him when he was 8 weeks old and he has been going to work with her, (at her other job),  every day for 9 years.  He follows her everywhere and he can sneeze on command; so he's a pretty awesome companion!

When talking about her company and products, Lesley said, "I am creating one product at a time, based on my life and travels with Hank.  They are simple solutions to everyday issues all dog owners have. Love your dog, love your planet!"

Here at Pupcycled.....we totally agree that loving your pet and loving the planet can go hand in hand. For more information about the poop transporter (or other new products), visit

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Homemade Dog Leash Made from Old T-shirt

Homemade dog leash made from 1 t-shirt and an old hook/clip

With just one old t-shirt, a clip from a worn out leash, and a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit of sewing, you can make a homemade dog leash in less than an hour.


  • Old t-shirt (adult small or larger)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Snap clip from old leash (or can buy at many hardware stores)
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric glue (optional)

  Step-by-Step Directions and Video for Homemade Dog Leash:

  1. Cut the bottom hem off of the t-shirt and cut the arm and neck part off as well.
  2. Cut down the side of the t-shirt to create a rectangular piece of cotton that can be laid flat.
  3. Cut a 1 inch strip, but just before you reach the end STOP!
  4. Now go over an inch and start cutting the other direction and again STOP before you get to the end.
  5. Keep doing this so that you eventually have one long strip of fabric instead of several strips.
  6. Take the really long strip, (which used to be the rectangle of cotton), and cut it into three about equal strips.
  7. Feed the end of each strip through the clip hook and run the clip to the middle of each strip so that you now have six strips.
  8. Take each strip and pair with another to form three strips that are wrapped over the clip.
  9. Start braiding the doubled-up strips.
  10. Once you have braided and run out of material, stitch the ends to keep it together. Cut off any excess material.
  11. Take the end and bring it down to create a handle.
  12. Hand sew the handle together with the lease.
  13. Take a piece of fabric from the arm of the t-shirt to create a cover for where you stitched the handle together. 
  14. You can use fabric glue to put the cover piece on or hand sew it. Just make sure the handle is hand sewn well, and tightly, before putting the cover on.
  15. You now have a homemade dog leash that is machine washable, can be composted when it wears out and if you use an aluminum clip....that part can be recycled!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Featured Fridays-TopDogDinners

Winston and Bruno-Used by permission of Peter Pfisterer
Some companies are created from a bright idea or by mistake, in the case of TopDogDinners, it was a tragedy that led Peter Pfisterer to start his business of all-natural customized dog dinners. When his boxer, Bruno, died from poisoned dog food, Peter didn't want any other dog owner to feel the horrible loss that he did. In 2012, TopDogDinners launched and started delivering fresh, customized dog dinners, three times a week, to dogs all over New York City. Together Peter and his English Bulldog, Winston, continue to educate others about the loss of their buddy Bruno, and the possible dangers of feeding your dog traditional bagged food.

With traditional dog food recalls happening every week, Peter says that his customers love not being fearful about what they are feeding their dog. They also report improved energy levels, more beautiful coat, and even better breath. Every dinner is specifically customized to a dog and their individual needs using 25-30 natural ingredients. Although TopDogDinners is a green company in some ways, it is still looking to reduce its carbon pawprint a little more each year. Peter would eventually like to see all his delivery vehicles be eco-friendly and is taking little steps, as his company grows, to reduce his environmental impact.

Peter feels blessed to have a job that he enjoys and one that helps other people and their pets. He noted that, "Every dog is different, so the required food is different…and yes, my food is pricey but less expensive than our own food. It gets less expensive if you take into the consideration the cost of vets visits that so called "food" in the bag or the can will result in. Besides …do you really put the price on your friend’s life or health?!I DO NOT! NOT ANY MORE!"

If you live in the NYC area, you can check out TopDogDinners website to order a customized meal for your dog. If you live in another large city, feel free to contact Peter Pfisterer about possible franchise opportunities; he has hopes to expand into 15 major cities in the future!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Featured Fridays- Sophie's Fancy Pet Apparel

This week we are featuring someone who 'upcycles' various things to make dog collars and other accessories. Sophie's Fancy Pet Apparel is owned and operated by Stacey Le Jeune. After adopting a Jack Russell Terrier last year, Stacey wanted to have unique collars and outfits to put on her dog, Cricket. When she couldn't find anything she liked at the store, she used an old tie to make a one of a kind collar for Cricket. Since then, Stacey has had to get a new sewing machine and start turning her hobby into a business, because everyone loves the unique collars and accessories that she has made for Cricket. Her unique and truly upcycled creations can be found on her blog and Facebook page. Below is a little bit about Stacey and her business in her own words:
"I think it important to reuse things we already have. The stuff I made for Cricket was from stuff I already had. I approached local thrift stores and they eagerly donated stuff to me. I use bookbags, ties and belts to make things like collars and also a doggy backpack. (I make some of the best collars from the ugliest ties). I have even made collars from old sweaters and doggy sweaters from sweaters too. I think we waste so much stuff in our lives -we think it all has to be new. Well, what can you make out of something old? I even reuse the clips from old bookbags as the clips for my collars   
I made a backpack for dogs in memory of my old dog Angus who died at Christmas. He was a three legged dog who was aggressive towards other dogs. We learned from Ceasar's Show 'The Dog Whisperer' that a back pack helped with aggression. We put one on Angus and he was a totally different dog. He was so proud!!!! I made a pack from a donated damaged bag, for dogs, in memory of him. 
All my items are unique and one of a kind and 10% of profits at the end of the year go to the Labrador Rescue of Nova Scotia.

Be Sure to LIKE her Facebook page and share it with other dog lovers! You can contact Stacey through the Facebook page if you are interested in purchasing one of her unique products OR if you have items to donate to be upcycled into beautiful pet apparel.