Sunday, October 27, 2013

Preparing for the National Dog Show in Philadelphia

I am excited to announce that I will be attending this year's National Dog Show held in Philadelphia, PA on behalf of Purina's Petcentric site. I currently write both inspirational and pet knowledge articles for Petcentric and was offered to cover the show several months ago. The show takes place on November 16th and 17th but is not shown on television until Thanksgiving Day. Since I have only ever owned one pure bred dog in my entire life, I am looking forward to the show and all the various breeds that will be represented. I also look forward to talking to pet trainers, owners, and lovers about eco-friendly products they enjoy. My dogs have really loved the various eco-friendly balls I have purchased throughout the year, but I am interested in the toys and treats that "real" trainers use and if eco-friendly is a concern to the majority of the trainers out there. In addition to writing an article or two for Petcentric, I plan to have some "after the event" blog posts featuring some trainers and dog owners and the products they love, similar to the Featured Fridays I did over the summer.

These posts will lead nicely into my top ten eco-friendly dog gifts for 2013, which will be revealed prior to Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping! In the meantime, if you have started your Christmas shopping and are looking for "green" gifts for your dog or another dog owner, check out Bambeco. Bambeco is a new online store I have found that has a nice variety of eco-friendly dog toys. Be sure to check out my LINKS page for more online stores.

For more information about the National Dog Show, visit The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Information Page. Please post if you happen to be attending the show, since I would love to meet you! You can also contact me by e-mail at

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eco-Friendly Halloween with Your Dog

Halloween with your dog can be exciting and scary at the same time. The scary part is all the candy and chocolate that your dog may accidentally get into, but the exciting part is dressing up your four-legged friend. Unfortunately, so many dog costumes are made of synthetic materials that are bad for the environment from the point they are created all the way to when they are disposed. Finding an eco-friendly Halloween costume for your dog can be a bit "tricky" but it would be a nice "treat" for the Earth. Here are some eco-friendly costume ideas to consider for your dog:

1. Buy used material or costumes and reuse or upcycle is one way to reduce your dog's carbon pawprint. Consider shopping your local thrift store, ebay, or Craigslist for used dog costumes or parts to a costume. A Halloween tie or fabric can be turned into a bow tie collar attachment or you might even find materials that can create a Chia pet costume like the one featured on helablog!

2. Make your own costume! If you are good at sewing, you can buy eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, hemp or even newer fabrics made from recycled water bottles, and with the right pattern, you can have a great green costume...think Barkenstein maybe????

3. Recycle cardboard and other materials. One year, I created a flower costume for my dog using cardboard, paint and an old cotton t-shirt. I was able to recycle and compost all the materials after Halloween.

For more costume ideas, check out the pupcycled Pinterest board...I will be pinning ideas all month long!

After you get your dog's eco-friendly costume picked out, be sure to make some homemade dog treats and dog toys to give out during trick-or-treat. Here is my favorite recipe; it can be rolled out and you can use pumpkin or bat cookie cutters to make it a treat worth howling about! For Halloween dog toys, get funky Halloween socks/stockings and put a tennis ball in the end and then tie a knot. You can also do this with white tube socks and put a ghost face on it with a black marker.

My dog nephew Biggie dressed as a bumblebee.