Sunday, January 12, 2014

Review of Wilbur's Barkery Homemade Dog Treats

Some dog owners make homemade dog treats to be more eco-friendly, but many people start making homemade treats due to their dog having a food allergy. When Jenn and Jeremy's dog had IBS, they started making treats and shared them with other friends that had dogs. Before too long, the treats were so popular that they started their own business, Wilbur's Barkery.

I got to meet the couple at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia when I purchased a make-at-home dog treat mix from their booth.
The treats were very easy to make and all my dogs loved them. I liked the ability to buy the mix and make the homemade dog treats whenever I wanted. The mix also came in a really nice jar with a cookie cutter, so it would make an awesome gift as well. (And reusable/ eco-friendly)! However, if you are not into baking the treats yourself, you can order the treats online. The baked treats last for three months. If you live in Pennsylvania, you may be able to find them at a local pet store, dog show, or craft fair. Below is a picture of the lovely couple and behind them is their be on the lookout for these wonderful treats!

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