Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5 Ways to Dispose of Dog Hair

If you have dogs, you likely have dog hair somewhere (or pretty much everywhere) in your house. With the right kind of brush, sticky roller, or vacuum you can clean up the dog hair, but rather than dump it into the trash, get eco-friendly, and try one of these five ways to get rid of dog fur.

 Compost It- Dog hair is great for compost piles, but you do need to make sure you have a combination of items in the compost pile because hair takes a little longer than most items to fully compost.
 Spread it Around- By disposing of dog hair outside and spreading it around, it can add nutrients to your lawn AND it is great for birds to build nests with so you can spread it out all year long to help the Earth in several ways.
 Make Yarn- Dog fur, believe it or not, can actually be turned into yarn and knitted into sweaters and blankets. If you don't have the capability to do it yourself, find someone who can turn your dog's fur into yarn and you will be amazed at the results!
 Start Seedlings- Dog fur can be mixed with soil to give seedlings the healthy start they need. When your dog starts to shed that winter coat, get rid of the fur by mixing it with your seedling soil for a great start to your spring garden.
 Soak up Oil Spills- Save the fur in a container and keep it in your garage; if you have a oil leak or spill during oil change, you can use the fur to absorb and clean up the oil.

With these five ways to dispose of dog hair, you can hopefully feel a little better about all those piles of dog fur, knowing that you have a way to help the Earth with your dog's everlasting supply of shedded hair.


  1. Great ideas here Chrissie. Do they also apply to cat hairs!
    Love your new logo, by the way!

    1. I am sure most would work with cat hair but I believe cat hair is thinner so may not work as well for knitting and oil absorption.

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