Friday, February 21, 2014

Featured Fridays- The Big Bad Woof

At Christmastime, Pupcycled featured The Big Bad Woof's line of eco-friendly pet scarves and today we would like to feature EVERYTHING else that makes this company great!

Started in 2005, Pennye Jones-Napier's reason for opening a green company was personal. Her dog, Artemis, had diabetes and finding wholesome food for her dog was a real challenge. Together Pennye and Julie opened Big Bad Woof as a way to bring specialized, wholesome food right to their community of Takoma Park.  Since their lifestyle was already green, they decided their business would be as well, and they looked at where products came from, and if the products were made in a responsible AND sustainable matter. The product's effect on the environment is always considered before The Big Bad Woof will sell it.  Their triple bottom line approach of people, planet, and profits has resonated with customers and has led to the opening of two locations in Maryland. A third location, in Silver Spring, Maryland is being created through a crowd-funding campaign and will open in the near future. 

Besides whole food and eco-friendly scarves....what does The Big Bad Woof have to offer to eco-friendly dog owners? The better question might be, what DON'T they have to offer? In addition to eco-friendly dog beds, crates, toys, and grooming materials, earth friendly products and food are also available for cats, small animals, and birds. They truly are a one-stop shop for all people who love the Earth and their pets. 

When it comes to loving the planet and animals, The Big Bad Woof looks at more than just products, they also look at helping animals find and stay in loving homes. They offer monthly adoption opportunities, workshops, and offer new pet owners a discount on their first purchase.  

As one of the Nation's first B Corporations, The Big Bad Woof is leading the pack in promoting products that are safe for pets and the planet. If you are ready to reduce your dog's carbon pawprint and make a difference, consider checking out their Pay It Forward initiatives and be sure to stop by one of their stores the next time you are in the DC or Maryland area!

What dog wouldn't love to shop here?????

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