Tuesday, April 1, 2014

13 Odd Places to Find a Sleeping Dog

Even if you buy a dog the best (and most eco-friendly) bed in the world, some dogs just love to find their own unique place to sleep. This week Pupcycled takes a look at thirteen odd places to find a sleeping dog.  Has your dog ever slept in one of these places?

Sleep behind the cushions and no one will ever know you were on the sofa....maybe.
(used by permission from Christine Sterling)

Beware the stairs! They offer a firm foundation for napping.
(used by permission from Joanne Bednall)

Some dogs take the Goldilock's approach and need to try all the beds in the house.
(used by permission from Tracey Shontz)

It doesn't get any more earth-friendly than this!
(used by permission from Phyllis Wise)

Sleep anywhere you want, but make sure your tongue is out!
(used by permission from Lolathepitty.com)

Flower pots make great beds, just be sure to dig out the flowers first.
(used by permission from Lynda Sokoloski)

Whenever possible, find clean laundry and snuggle in it!
(Kasey- used  by permission from Erick Seager)

Sadie loves her head rest under the dining room table.
(used by permission from Kerri Hanks)

When sleeping with other dogs, always strike the same pose like Ping and Benson.
(used by permission from Brooke Lee)

Harlow has a thing for sleeping against walls (when the sofa is unavailable).
(used by permission from Christine Sterling)

Is this what they mean by Downward Dog?
(used by permission from Garth Riley)
A warm lap is always a good place to sleep.
(Syd-used by permission from Ben Yokitis)

When in full nap mode, do not leave room for anyone else!
(used by permission from Christine Harr)

 Thank you to everyone that submitted photos of their dog sleeping in odd places. Let's keep it going....visit Pupcycled on Facebook to submit your sleeping dog photos.

Note: all photos for this post were used by permission and may not be used on any other websites, in any way, without written permission. Contact Pupcycled at chrissieklinger@yahoo.com for permission to use photos.


  1. hahahaha!! THis is fabulous! I tried to find pix, but my dog just sleeps in normal places, but in weird positions, especially in my son's bed! I love the paw print background! It's refreshing and unique!! My favorite was the flower pot sleeper!! Seriously, how did it get like that?? Loved it!!

  2. Love it.. They are all so adorable!

  3. Awesome! (and not just because a bunch of these are my pals!)


  4. We are surely entertaining!

    Thanks fur sharing these!

    What a great post theme!


  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by....they are all so adorable that I couldn't even pick a favorite if I had to!

  6. So adorable!!!! Loved all the 'poses'!!

  7. Our dogs love the couch and the bed, but I have also caught them sleeping on the dining room table and the patio table!

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