Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featured Fridays- Ruffelstiltskin Upcycled Dog Toys

This week's Featured Fridays' company is one that truly knows how to upcycle! Ruffelstilskin's most popular product, the eco-friendly, upcycled jean pocket turtle, shouts cute and green all at the same time!
Ginger DePriest, founder of Ruffelstiltskin, says,"Our main goal is to make environmentally friendly pet products more available, so that buying eco-friendly stuff for your dog will not just be the right thing to do, but also the easy thing to do!" 
Ginger started her journey to a greener lifestyle for herself many years ago, and quickly realized the effects all her dog's products had on the environment. From plastic treat bags to one time use toys that ended up in the garbage can, Ginger decided to no longer purchase mass produced toys or treats for her dog. She began using old jean fabric to create toys her dog loved. Her toys are made from upcycled materials and are colorful and durable. 
As an avid supporter of dog-related  fundraising events, she continued to find ways to get more and more eco-friendly products out to other dog owners as well. Although she began selling her creations exclusively online through an Etsy store , they are now available in several places.  Subscribers to Big Licks Barkery monthly box, and attendees to a variety of dog-related events, can get the wonderful toys, all-natural treats, and eco-friendly cooling pads, that Ruffelstiltskin creates. Soon you may see the iconic pocket turtle even peeking out of your favorite local pet store. So, be sure to follow Ruffelstiltskin on Facebook to find out the next place they might pop up!

Ginger with her dog and husband

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