Friday, April 11, 2014

Where to Find REAL Eco-friendly Products For Your Dog

Recently, I was shopping at TJ Maxx and they had a lot of cute dog stuff, and some of the tags said Eco-friendly and had a picture of the Earth on it. Once I turned the tag over and started reading the label, it was all synthetic materials, made in China, and the only part that was slightly eco-friendly was the eco-filler/stuffing made from recycled soda bottles. I dug through every dog bed and clothing item they had there, and none of them were my idea of eco-friendly. I did however find a ball made of natural rubber and fair trade certified and many organic and all-natural dog treats, so I did not leave empty handed, but I was a little frustrated with the way things are labeled.
When I look for Earth friendly items, I look at the whole process; I consider where it is produced, with what materials, and how it can be disposed of when finished. I live in a rural area and don't have many pet store options and even though I have found many eco-friendly products online, I try to order from places that are fairly close to me to avoid as much pollution as possible as it travels to me. Here are my top ten companies (in no particular order) for REAL eco-friendly pet products. All of these businesses consider the Earth from start to finish. Some of them do have their products for sale in Petco, on, and at other pet stores, but depending on where you live, it may be best to order directly from their site.

  1. Cycle Dog- Dog collars made from used bicycle tubes as well as other earth-friendly products
  2. West Paw Design-Eco-friendly dog bedding
  3. Olive Green Dog-Earth friendly clothing and accessories
  4. Muttropolis- All natural flea and tick products
  5. Barking It Up-Stainless steel dog tags
  6. Eco-Dogs-All-natural dog food and treats
  7. Better Buddies- Organic cotton and hemp dog beds and mats
  8. Hunt Ridge Ranch- Dog crates, gates, and beds
  9. Blue Ridge Dog Chews- All-natural dog chews and hemp rope toys
  10. Planet Dog- Toys, collars, and leashes


  1. I recently came across a cooling pad for dogs that claimed to be eco-friendly. Since I make a eco-friendly cooling pad myself, I thought I'd check out the competition. Turns out that the only thing eco-friendly about them is that the gel they use is non-toxic.
    Needless to say, I will not be looking at any of the other products from this so called "Green Pet Shop".
    Thanks for sharing some that are worth looking into.

  2. A few years ago, I began to make more of an effort to be eco friendly. I personally have liked the lifestyle change and I like knowing that I am doing great things for the environment. However, I'm still looking for item for my dog. Would you happen to know of any local eco friendly pet boutiques?

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