Friday, May 2, 2014

How to Deal with Dog Fur in Your Washer and Dryer
If you have a dog that sheds on everything, chances are you have a washer and dryer that gets loaded with dog hair. In order to keep your washer and dryer functioning well, here are some ways to deal with dog fur in your washer and dryer.

  • Clean your washer at least every other week. If you have a front loading washer, there is a drain at the bottom which you can open and clean out the filter. When I clean mine, I get a lot of dog hair and have to dig it out of the round filter. It is a little gross but helps keep my washer running properly. It is also important to clean the inside of your washer and any seals and rings where dog hair may get stuck. If you keep the lid open frequently, you can clean your washer with a damp rag and white vinegar, (not the chemical cleaners they sell in the stores). If you close your lid a lot you may need to use some bleach when cleaning inside, due to mild and mildew possibly building up inside of the washer.
  • Your dryer's lint trap should be cleaned after every load and the lint (filled with dog fur), can be put in compost pile. Every month you should also clean the outside vent and make sure the dryer hose is in good condition. 
  • You can reduce the amount of dog hair that gets stuck in your washer and dryer by brushing your dog every day and shaking blankets outside prior to putting them in washer.
  • In the spring you can hand laundry outside to reduce the amount of  times you use your dryer and reduce the amount of dog hair that gets trapped inside of it.
If you are collecting a lot of dog hair and fur from around your home and out of your washer and dryer, check out these 5 ways to dispose of dog hair!


  1. Thanks for the tips. With out Shelties hair is a way of life.

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