Monday, July 28, 2014

Pros and Cons of Letting Your Dog Shop Online

As an eco-friendly dog owner, I always encourage people to shop local and buy handmade items from local merchants. However, I live in a rural area and unfortunately don't have access to eco-friendly dog items close by and I refuse to buy the Made In China stuff Walmart that leads me to online buying. Amazon is my go-to site for everything and since we have one computer in our house, I always worry about my kids "accidentally" ordering things with the push of a wrong button. More recently, it is the dog I have to be on alert for. Many times while shopping from my couch, a random dog paw or head seems to land on my keyboard. Although my dog (or kids) have not yet landed me into debt with accidental online orders (mostly because I have one-click ordering turned off), I decided it was a good time to explore the pros and cons of buying products for your dog online. For those of you that are in the same situation that I am in, and are not lucky enough to have a local place to shop WITH your dog, I hope this post is helpful (and a little humorous). 

Cons to Online Shopping With Your Pet:
  • When he sees all the neat collars that are out there, he may want a different one for every day of the week.
  • Suddenly that new toy he got yesterday will be destroyed in an instant so that he NEEDS a new one.
  • Shipping costs.....need I really say more?
  • No other dog butts to sniff while shopping.
  • Not burning any calories shopping from the couch.
  • Can be difficult to figure out correct sizes for collars and clothing.
Pros to Online Shopping With Your Pet:
  • A LOT of eco-friendly and earth conscious companies and products to choose from.
  • No stopping in every aisle to sniff things (or making attempts to mark territory).
  • Free AND fast shipping on many sites, (especially Amazon, if you are an Amazon Prime member).
  • If you see a product another dog owner has, you can order it right away online with your smartphone.
  • Less likely to buy other things you don't those fancy dog treats sitting at the register.
  • You get to see product reviews from real dog owners.
  • MOST sites offer hassle-free return options.
  • Get exactly what you want; correct size, color, and design.
  • Who doesn't love getting mail and seeing the mailman?
  • Get handmade, unique and personalized items from mom and pop companies that have an online presence. ( is a great place to start).
If you have been shopping online with your dog, what sites do you like? Leave comments below to help out other Pupcyled readers!
Also, as a part of the Amazon affiliates program, Pupcycled is pleased to now offer the ability to find our favorite products on Amazon directly through the Pucycled site (see right side of page). The Featured Fridays link at the top of the page will also help you find more websites for earth-friendly products. My opinions about Amazon and other websites (and the products they offer) are my own and come from years of shopping online and using the products myself. None of the suggestions are posted by paid promotions through vendors/companies. If there are more great earth-friendly products out there for dog owners, Pupcycled would love to know through your comments OR email us at


  1. I like to support local shops that have great customer service. However, sometimes the online shopping can't be beat. Don't use up gas, don't have to deal with dogs in hot cars, no concerns about dog friendly shops.

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