Friday, August 8, 2014

Seven Simple DIY Dog Projects That Only Take a Few Hours

We all love finding and pinning DIY dog projects over at Pinterest, but many times those projects just never get done. Here are seven simple, earth friendly, upcycled, and easy to do projects that can be started and finished all in one day! You might even have most of these items in your home to upcycle into something spectacular for your dog.  Most of these ideas and instructions can be found by clicking on the upcycled crafts tab at the top of this page OR click on the photo next to the project description to be taken directly to the post that contains detailed instructions.

1. Treat Canister: 2-3 hours
Materials: old popcorn or cookie tin, spray paint (eco-friendly type), chalkboard paint
This project is not difficult, but does take some time to dry between painting. Get an old popcorn tin and and spray paint it and then use chalkboard paint to label the types of homemade treats you are storing in the canister. Consider gluing on ribbon for some extra bling!

2. Photo Keepsake Jar: 2-3 hours
Materials: Jar with lid, paint (spray or acrylic), photo of your dog, masking tape or vinyl shape

This DIY dog project is really nice if you have a pet that is no longer living. You can put their photo and old collar inside for a keepsake. It is cute for your current dog as well, especially for your desk, since it could hold items you need in a more decorative fashion. First, use masking tape to create a  paw print or bone shape on the outside of a jar. (You can also use sticky vinyl shapes). Next, spray paint or acrylic paint the outside of the glass. When the paint is dry, remove the tape/vinyl. Finally, stick a photo of your dog inside the jar and any other items you want in the jar.

3. Dog Leash: 1 hour
Materials: Old t-shirt, fabric glue, thread and needle, metal clip
This DIY dog leash is best for smaller dogs or when taking bigger dogs for quick trips. If using with a larger dog, and on a walk where a squirrel happens by, a t-shirt leash is going to only hold so much! I made a few of these and did donate them to my local humane society for newly adopted dogs to have a nice way to get home! Click on the photo for detailed directions.

4. Elevated Dog Bowls in Old Crate: 1 hour
Materials: old crate, drill, jigsaw, stainless steel bowls
This project is super simple, IF you have the right tools. Just take an old crate and turn it upside down. Next, cut holes in for your dog bowls and drop the bowls in place. It may also be a good idea to put a sealer of some sort on the wood to keep it in use longer. I found this idea on, be sure to check out their website for more fun DIY projects!

5. Rope Toy: 15-20 minutes
Materials: old jeans, scissors
This DIY dog rope toy was made from old worn out jeans. The  jeans are cut into strips and then braided and knotted at ends and middle for a very sturdy tug toy. I have three dogs and these last for several months with daily use!
6. Yoga Water Mat: 10 minutes
Materials: old yoga mat, scissors
This is one of the easiest DIY dog projects ever! Just take an old yoga mat and cut it in a shape or leave as is and place under dog's food and water bowls. It helps keep your floor protected and can easily be cleaned anytime with an all-natural cleaner. If keeping it in rectangle, consider stamping dog bone or paw prints onto it.

7. Outdoor Dog Bed: 3+ hours
Materials: Old dresser drawer, four furniture feet, dog bed materials, umbrella, sandpaper, paint, sealer
I found this project on and they have plenty more great DIY projects there as well. Be sure to check out their website for full instructions on how to make this awesome outdoor dog bed.

So, which simple DIY dog project are you going to attempt? Share your completed projects on the Pupcycled FB page!


  1. What great ideas! Wonderful post.

    1. Chrissie, you are the winner of the Max Walker leash and Sojo's treats in Ruby's Gotcha Day Giveaway - I have been trying to reach you via Twitter and email. All I need is your mailing address! Please email me at doggess76 at Yahoo.

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