Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featured Fridays- Ruffelstiltskin Upcycled Dog Toys

This week's Featured Fridays' company is one that truly knows how to upcycle! Ruffelstilskin's most popular product, the eco-friendly, upcycled jean pocket turtle, shouts cute and green all at the same time!
Ginger DePriest, founder of Ruffelstiltskin, says,"Our main goal is to make environmentally friendly pet products more available, so that buying eco-friendly stuff for your dog will not just be the right thing to do, but also the easy thing to do!" 
Ginger started her journey to a greener lifestyle for herself many years ago, and quickly realized the effects all her dog's products had on the environment. From plastic treat bags to one time use toys that ended up in the garbage can, Ginger decided to no longer purchase mass produced toys or treats for her dog. She began using old jean fabric to create toys her dog loved. Her toys are made from upcycled materials and are colorful and durable. 
As an avid supporter of dog-related  fundraising events, she continued to find ways to get more and more eco-friendly products out to other dog owners as well. Although she began selling her creations exclusively online through an Etsy store , they are now available in several places.  Subscribers to Big Licks Barkery monthly box, and attendees to a variety of dog-related events, can get the wonderful toys, all-natural treats, and eco-friendly cooling pads, that Ruffelstiltskin creates. Soon you may see the iconic pocket turtle even peeking out of your favorite local pet store. So, be sure to follow Ruffelstiltskin on Facebook to find out the next place they might pop up!

Ginger with her dog and husband

Monday, March 17, 2014

Quotes for Dog Lovers

Theo and Beau from

"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants."Johnny Depp

National Puppy Day is March 23rd, and as a way to celebrate, Pupcycled is featuring quotes for dog lovers. Dogs are true companions that offer unconditional love everyday and bring so much joy into our lives.

The first quote we found from Johnny Depp, seems to go perfectly with this photo of Theo and Beau from a blog called Mommas Gone City. Please take some time to check out the photo contest pictures of babies with their puppy soul mates

On National Puppy Day, be sure to share some of these quotes with your friends. Looking for more ideas on how to celebrate? Try one of the suggestions below:

     Drop off puppy food to your nearest shelter
     Donate money to a local puppy rescue
     Make a photo album or photo pillow of you and your dog on Snapfish or Shutterfly
     Use social media to spread awareness about puppy adoption
     Enter your dog into a photo contest
      Make your dog special treats and make a few extra for other dogs in your neighborhood

     Get your dog a new eco-friendly collar, shirt, or name tag
     Get matching shirts for you and your dog
     Get pictures taken outside of you and your dog together
     Donate eco-friendly puppy safe toys to a dog rescue group

     Sign up for a dog walk to raise money for a local charity
     Treat your dog to a spa at home treatment with earth friendly items
     Take your dog on a day trip to a puppy pool or water park
     Spend some quality time just snuggling with your dog

Have a wonderful National Puppy Day everyone!!!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Upcycle an Old Yoga Mat into Dog Food and Water Mat

I have never known a dog to drink from a water bowl and not leave a little bit of a mess. However, in our house, our three dogs seem to make quite a mess with water. I originally purchased a water hog mat to place under the water bowl, but one problem I have had with this mat, is that in addition to collecting water, it also collects a lot of dog hair. (Which is hard to clean off of it)! When I saw this unique water and food mat on incredible I knew it was the perfect thing to share with Pupcycled's readers. Whether you have an old yoga mat at home, or pick one up at your local thrift store, within minutes you can set up an upcycled dog water mat that is easy to clean.
To create the yoga mat food/water bowl mat, just take an old mat and cut into a dog bone shape large enough to hold the water and food bowls for your pet. Place the mat on the floor and the bowls on top.

When you need to clean the mat, you have a few natural options. First, you can spray with white vinegar and wipe clean. Another option, is to fill a bathtub with warm soapy water (Castile soap is perfect), soak the mat in the soapy water for about twenty minutes and then hang outside to dry OR hand over your shower rod until completely dry.

Yoga mats can help with more than just collecting excess water from your dog's bowl, they also keep food and water bowls from sliding. Yoga mats are perfect to put inside crates and  across the seats of the car. Mats work well under crates to stop them from scratching the floor as well as inside for a comfy surface to relax on. In the car, the mats help give your dog traction for getting in and out and keep your seats protected from your dog's nails, slobber, and dirt.  If you have several old mats, consider donating them to your local pet shelter or check out these other ways to upcycle old yoga mats. 
If you don't have access to old yoga mats, consider going to Better Buddies to buy an upcycled yoga mat food bowl mat that is made in the USA. They also have other great eco-friendly pet products available on their website. In addition to offering eco-friendly pet products, Better Buddies, is involved in helping homeless animals and animal shelters. Be sure to visit their website and checkout their story and is very inspiring!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Your Dog

Whether you are Irish all the time, or just for one day every year, make sure to include your four-legged friend in the happy festivities of St. Patrick's Day. Here are five ways to celebrate this fun holiday with your GREEN dog.

 Green Pepper Breakfast- cut a bell pepper the fat way so you get a thick shamrock shaped piece. Put a little olive oil in a small skillet on med/low heat and place the green pepper slice in the skillet. Scramble an egg and pour it into the green pepper. Make sure the egg is cooked and cooled completely before serving to your dog. You could also just give your dog sliced green peppers as a healthy, green, and crunchy treat.

Attend a Parade Together- Many cities hold St. Patrick's Day parades and allow dogs to attend and even be part of the parade. Consider making your dog a festive bow tie (he can wear to parade) from old green or shamrock material you have around the house or can find at a thrift store.

 Make Minty Dog Treats-treat both you and your dog to homemade minty dog treats that will leave his breath minty and fresh! You could also wrap these treats in gold foil and give them to other dogs to help them celebrate being Irish for a day.  I like this recipe from
2 cups of whole wheat flour.
1/2 cup of cornflour
1/3 cup of freshly chopped mint.
1/2 cup dry or chopped parsley
1 cup water
6 tablespoons olive oil. 
Mix flour, cornflour, and herbs.
Add 3/4 of you cup of water and save the rest. Also add the olive oil and mix thoroughly.
Roll out on floured board and roll to about 1cm thick (if the dough does not stick together add some of the water until mixture is less crumbly.
Use knife or cookie cutters and put on a baking tray. Bake for 40 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cool completely before serving.

Go Green and Glamorous for the Day- Consider giving your dog a pedicure with eco-friendly dog nail polish! You and your dog can have beautiful green toenails to tap to some Irish tunes. For a full at-home spa treatment, bathe your dog in homemade oatmeal soap and finish off her paws with homemade all-natural paw balm prior to the nail painting.

Play Rainbow Tug-of-War-Make a braided tug-of-war rope from a colorful variety of old t-shirts or colored jeans. (Look under the Pupcycled craft tab for directions on creating a braided rope toy for your dog). Another fun homemade toy idea is to get a large rainbow soccer sock (think Rainbow Brite) and put an old flat tennis ball in the bottom, tie it off and get ready for a game of fetch and tug.